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Best of Class Award Winner 2015

Best of Class Award 2015The Canadian Spa Company is a global brand, we manufacture our Hot Tubs and other products in North America, Asia and Europe and distribute around the world. One of the larger companies in the world market place; the Canadian Spa Company has been recognised as an industry leader since our first spa was sold around thirty years ago. Three decades on, the Canadian Spa Company is still supplying an ever expanding range of quality products, with the very best backup and after-sales service available. Awarded Best of Class 2015 by

Best product Cdn Spa. Best value walmart

★★★★★★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.

I wanted a small classy spa for my sun room in my mountain cabin. Looked at all the spa dealers in Calgary and found them lacking in thier ability to provide what I wanted. Walmart provided a great product through Cdn Spa. At a price that came in at about 1/2 of what the spa centre’s wanted. I was concerned that the price was “to good to be true ” so I checked with Cdn Spa to make sure the spec’s on the walmart offerring were the same as if buying the same model from a more expensive dealer. They are and the product exceeds our expectations. Have enjoyed it every day over the Christmas season.

I recommend this product.

Easy to setup

We purchased this Winnipeg spa 2 weeks ago and it has turned out to be a great purchase. I have never had a hot tub before and I was a little worried that a plug and play hot tub would not stay hot but my fears were unfounded . This hot tub is well insulated and we have not had any problems keeping it warm at all even with the cool nights we have been having in Calgary. You cannot feel any heat escaping from it at all when touching the sides or the top cover. The lights are a nice touch and the mp3 stereo system works well. It took 24 hours to warm up but after that things were great. The jets seemed to put out a lot of power but I have never been in another hot tub so I cannot compare this one to any others. I can’t wait for the cold -30 weather to sit in it and look at the stars and feel warm.

Winnipeg Spa
Walmart Canada Customer

Charlene w/less aches & pains!!!!,

March 18, 2015
from Kingsville, Ontario.
First get this anyway! But seriously people with Fibromyalgia, arthritic, and other types of chronic pain. This is perfect for you.. I would not recomend a product i think may do you harm or has problems. I have had Fibromyalgia for over 25 years and this does wonders. Set up myself, put in basement instead of outside because want to go in anytime of day or night (the great advantage of this inflatible) one of them. Do not have to keep pump on all the time either, if going in that night or day put on couple hours before and is fantastic. I don’t know what i did before this hot tub, what an investment!!! love it! love it! as someone else put it….. great job, Canadian Spa!!!
Home Depot Canada Customer

Outstanding Hot Tub!

November 8, 2014

fromThompson, Manitoba
Absolutely the best spa that I have purchased to date. Superb quality, very inexpensive for the value, and the customer service is second to none. I live in northern Manitoba and could not believe that there were NO extra shipping costs to get the tub to my home, and it arrived way sooner than I would have expected. The tub arrived late on a Friday afternoon (long after regular business hours), and I had a question that I wanted to ask the Canadian Spa Company. I called the 1-800 number and left a message, and my call was immediately returned by a representative (Nigel) who quickly answered my questions and offered me his direct number in case I needed any information in the future. Needless to say, my question was answered, and I remain thoroughly impressed with the customer service provided. It is refreshing to know that support is there when you make such a significant purchase so far away from a major centre. I was a little worried that I was starting up the tub a bit late in the season as it was below zero when I filled it up. I took a chance and filled it with water, hoping that nothing would freeze before the tub was filled enough to turn it on. Once filled, I turned it on and the heater started warming the water immediately. The temperature dropped to minus 15 overnight, and within 12 hours, the temperature of the water was at 103 F. I would highly recommend this hot tub for anyone considering purchasing one.
Home Depot Canada Customer

Beyond Satisfied

August 27, 2014

fromVancouver, BC
Picking a swim spa from The Canadian Spa Company was not a tough argument. After shopping around a handful of stores in the area, my family and I decided to be risky and order online instead, from the Canadian Spa Company.
We are beyond satisfied with our decision. We ordered the 16 foot St. Lawrence swim spa. Delivery was quick and stress-free. The customer service support from the team was helpful and efficient, they were always providing us with extra tips on how to maintain our tub.
The tub is better than what we expected. We did not see the tub in person, only online on the website, and our expectations have been exceeded.
I would recommend this company to any of those looking to purchase a hot tub/swim spa. You would be in good hands.
Home Depot Canada Customer

Excellent Tub – great value

Dieser Pool ist sensationell!

Dieser Pool ist sensationell! Hier stimmt das Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis. Ausreichend Düsen mit viel Leistung sorgen für komfortablen Whirlspass. Die integrierten Musikboxen bringen zusätzliche Entspannung und wir sind sehr froh dieses Variante ausgewählt zu haben.

Empfehlung: Wir betreiben den Pool mit drei Phasen (3 x 16A, 400V).

So können beide Pumpen (Jet 1 und Jet 2) und die Heizung gleichzeitig eingeschaltet werden. Bei einphasigem Betrieb (1 x 25A) schaltet die Heizung ab, wenn Jet 2 eingeschaltet wird. Für den dreiphasigen Betrieb müssen lediglich zwei Brücken entfernt werden.

Die meisten Häuser sind mit 40A Zuleitung ausgerüstet und beim Dreiphasenbetrieb bleibt noch genug Reserve für Geschirrspüler und Backofen (gleichzeitiger Betrieb).

Die Anschlussart aber immer zuerst mit dem Elektriker absprechen. Grosses Kompliment auch an die Generalvertetung in Köln. Sehr kompetente und freundliche Mitarbeiter

Niagara Spa – The Best Hot Tub I’ve ever been in!

We took the purchasing of a hot tub very serious, looking at all available models from all available companies. After weeks of research, we decided that the Niagara Hot Tub by Canadian Spa Co. looked like the hot tub for us. And…. I AM SO HAPPY THAT WE PURCHASED THIS HOT TUB!!! This hot tub is the best hot tub I’ve ever been in! The jets are strong… and in the right places! The Seats are deep enough to cover your entire upper body! The lights are amazing! The speakers are great! Etc. Etc. If you’re looking for a Hot tub that you will just LOVE, this is the one!
Dealing with the Sales Rep, Jim Kimmer also sealed the deal… He is awesome! Any questions, he answered them immediately, always informative and friendly. I set numerous emails to him … even AFTER the purchase, and he replied immediately. You could not ask for better service… Anywhere!!
And finally…. the Canadian Spa Company… again, amazing. We decided to purchase the delivery package and the young men they sent to deliver the tub were great…. helpful and knowledgeable. Nigel was also a pleasure to deal with, responding to any inquiries within hours.
In closing, if you are looking for a fantastic product, with fantastic support from the beginning to the end of purchase and beyond, I suggest you seriously consider this product! Thank you Jim, Nigel and all involved!!!