Understanding your hot tub jets

jets working in a hot tub

Understanding your hot tub jets

Hot tub jets are designed to move a stream of water in different directions to allow you to focus on specific areas of the body. These directional jets are particularly effective on sore muscles and backaches. Mini jets are much smaller than normal jets and are used for massaging larger areas such as the back and legs. Swirl jets send out a circular stream of water to provide whole body relaxation.

girl enjoying neck massage jets Neck jets are typically located above the water line of the hot tub and are designed to relieve neck strain and typically have a separate control to adjust the water pressure. Shoulder jets also work above the water level of the tub and can be pointed in multiple directions for a focused shoulder massage. Volcano jets located at the bottom of a hot tub provide additional water steaming

The large diverter valve control located on the topside of the spa diverts the flow of water from one jet zone of the spa to the other – enabling more jet power being diverted to one or more occupants giving them a more powerful massage.

showing control for jets As well as diverter valves there are additional controls located on the top of the spa that perform different operations. The smaller valves are called ‘air venturi valves’ which will open an air line into the jet stream to pull in air bubbles, thus increasing the pressure at that jet and inserting bubbles into the flow.

On other Canadian Spa models these controls are directly linked to the heated air blower line, and if your spa has one (Victoria, Niagara, Alberta, Halifax, Montreal) you will enjoy warm air bubbles as opposed to the outside air that would have been used. Experimenting with these valves will help you understand how your spa works and will allow you to customise the spa to your liking.

How to replace a hot tub (Canadian Spa) jet:

hot tub jet

Step 1: Unscrew spa jet

unscrewed jet

Step 2: Release jet

hot tub jet

Step 3: Install new jet – Align clip before replacing

hot tub jet

Step 4: Ensure ‘O’ Ring is in place before re-screwing

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